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A Visitation Ministry To The Elderly

Nursing Home Ministry

 Nursing Home Ministry is a joy and a blessing, receiving more than each has given.  Be part of a ministry that brings hope and joy to people in need.

“Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40)

Other Resources

Nursing Home Handbook by Christian Concourse

Nursing Home Ministry by Tom McCormick

THE SONSHINE SOCIETY large print songbooks, sing along tapes and other materials for those involved in ministries

AURORA MINISTRIES provides the Bible on cassette tapes free of charge to the visually impaired in any of 51 languages

Books & CDs for Dementia Patients by Dr. Diana Walters

Touching Grace Alzheimer's activities for all dementia patients, using Montessori methods, Elder-friendly Bible studies, Freebies

God Cares Ministry Nursing Home Training and Resources


The Heart of Jesus Beats With Compassion For the Sick and Elderly

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Components of Effective Ministry

Preparing a Life Giving Message

Guaranteed Fruitfulness


Over 2.7 million elderly residents live in nursing homes.

Over 80% of them have No Visitors At All.

Residents are lonely and abandoned as they live out their last days.

Many need skilled nursing care – some are too feeble and frail to live alone – all are disabled to some degree

Most are grieving loss of their home, possessions, familiar surroundings, mobility, and personal freedoms

The goal of this ministry is to equip and send caring church members to honor, serve and minister to those who are in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.